Conservatives Are Outraged … at Herman Cain

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Rick Perry, and now, with the Washington Post throwing him into a racial controversy, things are about to get … much better! Wait, what? Let’s backtrack a bit. Yesterday, the Post published a bombshell story about a hunting camp the Perry family has leased on and off since the early eighties. 


Asked yesterday about the story, [Herman] Cain, the only black Republican in the race, lashed out at Perry. “Since Governor Perry has been going there for years to hunt, I think that it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place,” Cain said on This Week.


Cain’s reaction is certainly understandable. Anyone could find the revelations offensive, and Cain is a black man who grew up in the segregated South. And yet, as Michael Tomasky points out today, it’s Cain, not Perry, who could be damaged the most by this story. To understand why, you have to consider that there are two things Republicans hate more than anything. One is being accused of racism, which has happened with increasing frequency since President Obama became president, and, if you ask Republicans, is never, ever justified. Two is unfair treatment by the allegedly biased mainstream media. So among Republicans, the widespread response to the Post story was not, “wow, Rick Perry messed up.” It was, “the liberal media is smearing another Republican as a racist!”

Please, God. Don’t make me have to defend Herman Cain. This is such a sick joke. Please?!?!?!!?!?!?

Boy said those People and capitalized us. Lol. Wtf? I mean, this is typical tactics but are we going to play this game with the word NIGGER staring us right in the face still. Or is their now some nifty new white method of saying even that word, not nigga, not nig, nigs, niggaz (you know the semantics whites play) but NIGGER is no way racist in any way. I find the desire to be the victim by white folks quite laughable except for when it isn’t. Which is you know… never.

Is the republican party finally being forced to acknowledge race & racism?

I’m going to follow this to see how they deal with this, but chances are i’m going to be either disappointed or enraged. Regardless… lets see how this turns out…

If Cain ever forgot he was Black, he has now been reminded.

Bolded for emphasis

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